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I noticed on Zulily today they had a one day deal for roughly $8 for

a one piece angel food pan



How do you get the cake out of this pan?



I have 2 pans that are 2 pc construction.  You loosen up the sides and pop the bottom out then cut long the bottom and around the tube part, one with feet and the other one without the feet.


I found the feet one works the best.

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I think i had one of those--never used it tho but am thinking if you really grease and flour it then run a thin knife around the edges--it may work----don't let the cake sit too long just 10 minutes or so. i have good luck with the spray baking stuff that has the flour in it--use to bake bundt cakes with lots of crazy surfaces and had very good luck getting them out of the pan with this spray---I think it was Pam brand

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On the box of an angel food cake mix it says to turn it upside down.  I've tried using soda bottles and it doesn't work because the hole in the bottle is too small.  Then I tried getting it out and the cake fell flat.  Can someone help me figure how to get it out?  Thanks.

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One-piece angel food pans, also called Bundt pans, have a  hole clear through the center "post" or tube.  


Assuming the recipe instructed how to prevent the batter from sticking by "dusting" the interior, the trick to releasing the cake is to let the pan cool on a rack for just a few minutes after it is fully baked and removed from the oven. Then use a wine bottle or simillar long-necked bottle to hang the whole cake pan upside down on the neck of the bottle.Tthe bottle neck will easily go through the hole at the post and balance the cake pan just fine.  Gravity helps loosen the cake as it cools and shrinks from the sides.


It won't fall out!!! When the pan is thoroughly cool and the cake is cooled completely, remove it from the bottle"s neck and turn it  right side up. Run a knife along the sides gently and all around the tube (post) where the cake makes contact. Turn out the cake on a plate or a clean cloth. One piece pans work fine.


I have made many an angel food cake this way and cooled it upside down. Never had one drop out and I easily removed the cake from the pan because of the upside down effect of gravity giving it a little help releasing.


Sorry, I can't claim it's an old trick my grandma taught me. It was part of hte instructions on the back of a Duncan Hines angel food box mix!

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Re: Angel Food Pans

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Take the cake out of the oven, turn onto 3 upside down coffee cups.   Let it fully cool upside down.


When cooled, use a sharp long thin knife and gently cut around the cake, I also found that my plastic lettuce knife works well too.


Push the middle pan out from underneath.  Use your knife again and gently cut under the cake to loosen off the pan, you can also do the same thing for the long round center.  Invert onto a cake plate.


2 thoughts, I turn the cake over and frost that way however my mom always kept the cake upside down and served that way.  



@gizmogal   Thank you!!!   It will work, didn't think it would.

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Re: Angel Food Pans

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All of the angel food cake recipe instructions tell you NOT to grease and flour the pan.  I am not sure why.  It may be different for boxed angel food cake mix.  They do tell you to turn the pan upside down by putting it over a bottle or something similar to cool.


Recently I came across some mini angel food cake pans that I never got around to using.  They are the cutest things, and have the push-up bottoms just like the larger pans.  They make individual-sized angel food cakes instead of one large cake.  They are made by Wilton.  Somehow they got put away in a box and I forgot about them.  I am going to use them soon and serve them with berries.  They would be good for shortcake as well.

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The cake needs to climb the sides of the pan and can't to rise if the pan is greased and slick.

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While my grandma always made her Angel Food cakes from scratch, I just make the boxed mixe (just add water) and think they are very good. Both grandma and I use(d) the same type of pan that was all one piece. Follow the instructions on the box - basically just prop the pan upside down to cool and let gravity take over. As said earlier, the cake won't fall out, but it will loosen from the sides as it cools.


If all else fails, make your cake in a 9x13 pan using the 2 ingredient recipe! 1 box mix and one large can of crushed pineapple - that's it, and it's excellent.

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I always cut a piece of parchment to fit the bottom.

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jannabelle I am going to try that cake. thanks