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4qt Cook's Essential Pressure Cooker

Last week someone wrote about the 2qt Cook's Essential Pressure Cooker $39, K46039, or the "as is" model $29, K307875.  I went looking for a 4qt at the time and only found 3 and 4 qts on Amazon for nearly $100.  Well, this week I went looking on HSN for the 4qt someone wrote in about being there for $49, but it was sold out.  I then searched pressure cookers on the Q and found the CE one.  I just got it in purple for $49 and free shipping with 5 flex pays this holiday weekend.  it is item K48191.  I made Sheppard's Pie last week and could have used two PCs to do filling and the potatoes at the same time.  Now I will.  I do wish the insert was stainless steel like the Instant Pot 3qt, but 3qt I think would be too small.  


I do think it may be on today with David since there isn't a video for this one and the new 6qt one, but I've got a nail appointment at 12, so I'll miss it.


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Re: 4qt Cook's Essential Pressure Cooker

don't think he ever did any pressure cookers Sun. I didn't turn on the show till almost 1 , but, I looked at the "items recently aired" and didn't see any.


sometimes at amazon you can buy 'reburshised' pressure cookers cheap

I got one, 1 time and it's still working. Nice deal.