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It's not too late.  Get one in As Is section in Eggplant.  I got the 2 qt and feel weird about getting the 4 qt.  Just easier to find attachments and parts for 4qts; but 2 qts is a good starter pressure cooker.  Makes enough for me and at least one more.  

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Hi.  I have 2qt and love it.  Haven't had it long, so can't say how well it will hold up, but I like the timer WITHOUT all of the presets.  The presets I think are more trouble than they're worth in the end because not all items inside are created equal.  I always thing about microwave presets...and how many times they have undercooked or overcooked popcorn.  I'd rather just set the minutes and know where I'm at.

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I bought it on sale a few months ago.  I have a stove top PC and an electric one but they are heavy and awkard heights for me to use.

I figured I would just pressure the meat and I could cook veggies in a short time any way they are cooked.  I only cook for 1 or 2.  Haven't used it yet but I am familiar with PC cooking.

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This reminds me of those baby crock pots, only good for holding dips.

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I have a 6 quart that I use several times a week. I added the 2 quart and use it even more. Over the weekend I made stew in the big one and rice in the little one. It's the perfect size for beans and oatmeal and boiled eggs and sweet potatoes.