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I am thinking about it since it's just me and my husband

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I love cooking in a pressure cooker, but a 2 quart is just too small for two or more people.    


They cooked a half rack of spare ribs in it.  A half rack would not even be enough for my husband.  A four quart would be much better for two people.


This would be a great appliance for one person though.

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Meredith emphasized that the 2 quart would be especially good for making side dishes or if there's one or two of you in the family the 2 quart might be a good choice.


In her demo, she showed a 1 1/2 lb. pot roast with veggies and said you could use a 2 lb. pot roast if not adding the veggies. So yes, this pressure cooker can clearly cook more than an onion. 


True anything cooked in a 2 quart PC can be cooked in a 4 quart or 6 quart PC, but for some space is an issue and they just want a small PC. I can't say that I'd choose a 2 quart for my only PC, but can see it being useful for doing sides while I was cooking the main dish in a larger PC.

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True, what can you buy any more for 40? If I was just starting out housekeeping I'd get one for sure. Good way to tell if your gonna want to build up your stock. LOL


Sure, you can smoke meat to tenderize it, but, for the quickest and less time demanding way it's always gonna be the good ol' pressure cooker.

Set it and forget it Throw in cup of water, salt and pepper a roast and you'll have stock that you can make gravy out of too.


I got the ovals to make chicken and dumplings in. Cook the chicken first for an hr or so depending on the size, then,lift the chicken and in the hot broth add your dumplings. If I make 'em to thick I even pressure cook the dumplings for like 5 minutes. LOL Don't like real thin dumplings.


Don't see how people live and eat without pressure cookers. LOL

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I bought a 2 qt cooker from HSN not too long ago and I am so glad I did.  It is perfect for doing side dishes and vegetables. 


Just a couple of days ago I did a corned beef brisket in my larger cooker and instead of having to go through the process of depressurizing, add the potatoes and carrots and repressurize to finish I put the potatoes and carrots in the small cooker.


I will use the two cooker method next time I am doing a pot roast or anything that requires I add components during the cooking process.

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too small.  4 quarts or better for me.

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@SharkE...I don't have one, never have, married almost 50 years, my husband has never liked pot roast types of meals, or ribs, I only cook 2-3 meals a week & we don't like left, never needed one.

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Saves on clean up.

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I'm interested in this discussion and your various points of view. There's no video demo on, and I'm still not sure if this would make my life easier or not. 


I cook for 1 or 2, and I have a nice larger pressure cooker, but I'm always on the lookout for things that are more convenient and flexible. This one looks as if it has very useful functions, despite its small size.


Has anyone used it enough to have an opinion about the durability and general quality? It's fairly inexpensive, but not if it won't last or doesn't hold temperature or pressure!

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I just saw guess it was Sunday the 15th where they advertised the 4 qt one too.

I've found where you really just have to try something and take a chance for yourself. I just bought the juicer on Sun. even though a few folks knocked it.


I got a cast iron ceremic coated skillet one time from HSN people said "oh no not worth a dime" blah, blah,   Why that's the best skillet to make gravy in even created.  So, I don't put much credence with reviews.  Most people are good at some things, but, not necessarily cooking and they pass their opinions on and people lose out on a good product.