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I am so very disappointed in J331598. I have many, many pieces from Judith's earlier collections. "The Cuff" etc.  All of my bracelets, earrings, necklaces, enhancers, rings from her earlier pieces are a brighter sliver, a more weighty silver and just a lot more prettier than they are now. I stopped buying when Judith sold her company. A few days ago I got sucked into buying the very lovely looking Verona necklace. I could see on tv that the silver looked grey but I loved the style so said a prayer and ordered it. It actually fits my neck beautifully and looks and feels good on. HOWEVER the silver is Dull, Dull, Dull. There is absolutely NO life at all in this piece. Darn I am mad. Mad at myself, mad at Antonella and Judith talking about this piece in glowing terms, and mad at the Q for selling this inferior silver as a sacred Ripka necklace. It is a pike of dull grey nothing. It is ready for return and I can't wait to get rid of it. I'll bet the buyers of the gold version are a lot happier than I am.

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@Raider Fan Wow....that really s*cks.  I would return the item as defective.....seriously as it is inferior quality.  I have many of her necklaces from the past and the quality is I think I am set with  necklaces.  I have wanted to bite on the tri-co!or necklace....don't want to be disappointed.  

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I purchased the clad version of this necklace and I was also disappointed in it.  The color was beautiful and I really liked the necklace. However, it was very lightweight and tinny sounding.  I realize these pieces can't be too heavy or they would be uncomfortable to wear.  When they are this lightweight it makes me wonder why they charge such a high price for something that weighs next to nothing. It also wouldn't lie perfectly flat, maybe I am being a little too picky but try as I might I couldn't get every link to lie perfectly flat. I would have kept it but didn't want a piece that I felt I had to fuss with when I wore it. Jewelry shouldn't be something I have to adjust several times a day when I wear it.  I love Ripka jewelry and will continue to buy it, just not pieces like this.