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anyone shopped the JEWELRY box lately?

Noticed a post in Handbags like this -- "shopping the closet" -- who's done it recently with JEWELRY?? For some bizarre reason I did, a few weeks ago.

Rediscovered what seems like a ton of things I had pretty much stashed away at various times in various "safe places." You know how THAT works ... I just forgot about them.

There are several QVC things from quite some time ago that I genuinely adored (and newly adore still)--- which, alas, Q seems to have quit making :

Anyone recall those plain un-jewelled Epiphany items, i.e., "without" the Diamonique? Have a couple of rings and a couple of bracelets -- lovely, weighty, comfortable, versatile... (I remember having worn them daily for long periods of time, and they're good as new. Awww. Dear Q : Bring back nice plain Epiphany!!

Also found fine jewelry as well as well-done costume jewelry items inherited from various relatives. I even recalled having had some of the items appraised a few times in the past, but I never wore them. They never seemed to suit my younger selves, earlier color and style prefs, earlier careers or lifestyles, and so on. Well okay I'm KOO now -- Kind Of Old, lol -- which all my relatives were when they passed these items along to me decades ago; and suddenly these things rather appeal to me!

Also several old, medium- to large-width, simple bangles, most that end-of-day type of Bakelite/Catalan/whatever it's called --- a big fat old applejuice-y colored Lucite -- a couple of old carved "vegetable ivory" ones (I forget the other name of that stuff) -- even two old goldtone charm bracelets perfect together for Christmas as one has nice nuggets of reddish Bakelite hung on it, the other nuggets of greenish.

Just lots and lots of neato-keano useable STUFF! As I think someone said on the shop-the-closet Handbags thread --at least it kept me from buying new jewelry for a few days!