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 i ordered a ring.  we shall see.  i liked a pair of earrings but they were post backs - my least favorite.

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Sorry I should have specified his jewelry is mostly 2 toned with touches of gold colored something. The trend I speak of is gold colored buttons, purse hardware and some jewelry. I have been married 40 years and have maybe 3 pieces of gold jewelry that I loved but could not get in white gold or platinum.

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Michael V always states that he uses palladium and 18kt gold plate.  That's not the same as gold tone.  Gold Tone, Gold Plating, Vermeill, Gold fill, all have their place in jewelry.  Gold Tone is cheap for dollar store jewelry.  Gold Plated over Silver is considered "demi-fine" jewelry I guess because two precious metals are involved.  Vermeil is the best gold plated jewelry, then gold filled is good because it will never tarnish.


I am not fond of many of MV's designs but I love his stones.

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MV is back on the HQ tonight at 10 eastern to wrap up their

"Gemuary" event.


Dallas Prince now, Jorge Perez at 8 and Blake Clemency w/ Gem Treasures at 9.

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I love MV even though his jewelry is hit or miss. I have been rarely purchasing but if I do I buy from his Canadian site. Just 2 days ago I received a magnificent pair of Namibian amethyst earrings.
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I saw him on the tuscon show yesterday.

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@SANNA   I too have ordered from his own website in Canada.  The selection and prices are good plus you can't beat his customer services.  I bought an emerald ring and it's gorgeous.  

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I ordered a really pretty ruby ring at a really good price.

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HSN had another clearance show of his yesterday afternoon.