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Re: Three More Days Till Judith Ripka!!!!!

On 1/30/2014 Me2Me said:
On 1/29/2014 sailor moon said:
On 1/29/2014 GoodStuff said:

I love and enjoy wearing nice jewelry.......but I simply can't imagine being this emotionally "caught up" in a TV sales presentation. It sounds more like a teenagery fan club or a cult than a grown-up shopping experience.......although the prices are definitely "adults only"!

Sorry. I just can't relate.


Hi Sailor Moon!

I Shake it Sailor Moon, don't break it!!!!

Hi Me2Me, webbie removed one of my posts. Anyhow, I just said there's no need ,for Goodstuff, to spoil your fun.

Shake what your mama gave you!!

☀️...And I think to myself what a Wenderful world.☀️