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Tennis bracelets

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Do you have any, are you wearing them?  I've been wearing mine all week. Think it was one I got at the Q a long time ago. Asscher cut.  Forget how it was spelled!! 



Thanks below for the proper spelling.  I changed it.



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I've had many Diamonique ones that I wore 24/7.  They just last a year or so and break.  I think they twist and turn when you sleep in them and don't last long.  The links are held together by the thinest sliver of silver metal which breaks.


I have 6 or 7 with colored gemstones and a 14k Diamonique with which I'm more careful but I never wear them.  My taste and lifestyle have changed.

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Re: Tennis bracelets

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@qualitygal - I think you're talking about the Asscher cut.


I don't have any in that cut, but I have a lot of tennis bracelets.  Some DMQ, some gemstones, some costume.  I used to wear them a lot, but not so much anymore.


Right now it's winter in New England and I don't wear bracelets (or even necklaces).  I won't until the weather warms up and I'm not bundled up in layers of clothing!


(I've never had any break but then, I take my jewelry off at night.)

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I have one, a Diamonique. It's a round stone 3.35 ct. set in silver. It is a very believable and very beautiful.  I got it on a clearance price. I don't wear if often and as soon as I come in I take it off. Would never sleep in it. 

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I have a diamond one that I've had for probably 20 years or so. The only time I take it off is to periodically clean it.

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Yes and I have worn it for years.  Only have a 14K diamond one, none from QVC.  First piece I saved for and bought for myself.  

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I have my Mom's which was real diamonds and 14k.  I do wear it but only for special going out.  I should wear it more.  No point in letting it sit in a drawer!  It will be passed down to one of my kids.

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i have 2 real diamond ones and wore them a lot years ago. after that, it's been kept in my safe and i haven't worn them since. 

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I have a very nice one that belonged to my mother.  It makes me a bit nervous to wear it so I only do on special occasions.  I do have it insured but I don't like wearing expensive jewelry.

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Like @Krimpette , I have a 14K & diamond tennis bracelet. It's a signature piece for me and I only remove it maybe once a year to have it professionally cleaned and inspected.