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Tarnished bronzo Italian ring

I have a very tarnished bronzo Italian ring. The inside is still bright and shiny but the outside is dull and dark. Is there any way to get it shiny again? I'm very disappointed as I thought it was tarnish resistant.
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Re: Tarnished bronzo Italian ring

Try one of those soft silver polishing cloths. Bronzo does tarnish.

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Re: Tarnished bronzo Italian ring

It is tarnish RESISTANT but NOT tarnish PROOF. There is a difference.

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Re: Tarnished bronzo Italian ring

Bronzo Care Guidelines:

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Clean It Gently

  • Please use care when cleaning your bronze jewelry.
  • Rinse with warm water and dry thoroughly with soft cloth.
  • Do not use ultrasonic cleaners, polishing creams, or polishing cloths, as these often contain chemicals and fine-grain abrasives.

Keep It Protected

  • Jewelry and household chores don't work well together.
  • Before cleaning or doing other work around the house, please remove all jewelry items.
  • Keep your jewelry away from extreme heat and cold.

Store It Properly

  • Understand that bronze can scratch or scruff other metal.
  • Diamonds and hard gemstones can destroy the luster of bronze and dull its polish.
  • Protect each piece by storing it in its own individual container or compartment.