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Name my post Vote!

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Hello again everyone!


You so graciously welcomed me into your forum that I would like to continue chatting with you. I would love a name for my post and have set up a fun poll for you to vote for your favorite name.Click to Vote HERE

I'm anxious to see what you choose!



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HI PEYTON!  YAY!!!!  I was so glad to see one of the choices was " Peyton's Place"!  Another poster and I both suggested that name and it would, IMO, incorporate all things for your wonderful meeting place with all of us!  


Please do not forget to see about offering a good, reliable and affordable rock tumbler as well as a jeweler's loup!  Wow, you said you still have your original loup from 40 years ago!  AMAZING and something to always cherish!


Have a great day!  See you soon with all things exciting!

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Done!  Cat Happy


But the gracious one is you and always has been.  8-)

People don't usually like to admit that luck and timing is a part of their good fortune.
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And we're very glad to have you here with us!