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Hi, Everyone!  Happy Holidays!  Does anyone know the item number of the gorgeous black necklace that Mary Beth is wearing during the Clarks show?


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I think it was this JR necklace, no longer available in the black option.



Image result for Joan Rivers Faux Gemstone 34" Tassel Necklace with 3" Extender

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Nice! I'm tempted to order the white one.

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Speaking of MBR I remember the ring they called the Mary Beth Roe ring a few years back and I wish they'd bring it back.. it was so pretty.. 

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happy holidays everyone..

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I love when she presents jewelry.  I was watching her this afternoon.  She is so calm and always tries to get a good camera shot so you can see details.  I like her voice as well. 

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Thank you so much for the information!  That is the necklace!