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Mary Beth Roe Ring

I'm watching Mary Beth with Lori Grenier and noticed the very pretty ring Mary Beth is wearing on her left hand as a wedding band. I know she wears a lot of Diamonique and this one is a vintage looking 3 stone band. Anyone happen to know if it is indeed Diamonique and the item # maybe?

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Re: Mary Beth Roe Ring

While watching the diamonique show a few days ago I did notice some vintage pieces and they were pretty  Reminded me of the Tacori  pieces from a few years ago.

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Re: Mary Beth Roe Ring

2 - 3 years ago she showed it off - said husband gave it to her for anniversary gift.  25th maybe - don't recall.  Nope, stones are the real thing.

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Re: Mary Beth Roe Ring


Here's one on HSN that resembles it. 545636
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