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I got a beautiful round pendant with halo baggetts for Christmas from my husband. I love it and am getting lots of compliments.

Unfortunately the chain broke Christmas day. BUT I got a beautiful White gold chain on the other mid west channel for less then half of what I would pay on the Q so I was happy to be wearing it again

I think the quality on some of the items is going downhill. The chains are so thin, they break easy, and not just affinity, all their lines.

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Deelor, the chain for your new pendant broke before you had a chance to wear it? You need to notify QVC because you could have loss the pendant due to a faulty chain or a chain that couldn't support the weight of the pendant. I usually remove my pendants from those thin chains that kink continuously and put it on another chain.

Nice that you received such a beautiful gift. I'd like to see it if you have an item number. TIA.

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