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Re: JAI TSV is a homerun for me!

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@Snowhite714. I agree with you.  August is way too soon.  I look forward to seeing the new lion enhancer in October.  Until then, I have more Jai than I probably deserve that I can wear.  I love the new leopard enhancer with the basketweave circle around it. He certainly knocked it out of the park this last visit. 

Is October a regular JAI month?  I am new to the line and don't know how often he comes back.  I read in a review on something that he was bringing a gold head station bracelet in August.  Is that accurate?

@Shawnie Welcome to the Jai family.  I don't believe that Scott and Jai jewelry have a regular month for presentations, but I would strongly suggest that (1) you sign up for Reminders for when he is on air and (2) follow Scott Grimes/Jai Jewelry on Instagram.  Not only will he give you a heads up about when he'll be on air but he will also offer previews of some of the items that he'll be unveiling during his next visit.  Also, when QVC starts promoting their jewelry shows I would start looking out for him because many times he'll be around during those times. Hope this helps.

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Re: JAI TSV is a homerun for me!

@Snowhite714 I don't understand how to get reminders when I don't know when the shows will be. I went to my account and then to reminders and got this form. But it asks for an event and a date. Any help?


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Re: JAI TSV is a homerun for me!

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Anyone know when the next show will be?  


@Shawnie  Besides reminders from QVC and Instagram, you could check JAI Jewelry for QVC on Facebook. Scott posted lots of sneak peeks from his June show about a week or so before he appeared on QVC.


Scott will probably post sneak peeks of his new pieces (or returning favorites) in time for his next show. I'm sure people will post his sneak peeks here like we did for the last show.

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Re: JAI TSV is a homerun for me!

The latest TSV bracelet was a little too "biker" for me.

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Re: JAI TSV is a homerun for me!

I received my bracelet as well.  It is BEAUTIFUL!!!  I was really anxious to see if I would like it, but it exceeded all of my expectations!!!  I just love it.  Wish I would have ordered two. 

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Re: JAI TSV is a homerun for me!

I ordered this bracelet in spite of griping that the TSV was kind of boring.  It is a great bracelet, and it looks nice paired with the smaller one.


I almost always order bracelets in the average size in spite of having a 6" wrist because I like them to drape down my hand.  I just prefer that look.  The exception to my rule is slip-on bangles which I usually buy in a small so they don't fall off.


I still wish the TSV had been a cool hinged bangle.  Maybe next time...

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Re: JAI TSV is a homerun for me!

Me too, but I better pay the first one off first.