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Is Judith Ripka leaving QVC??????

She was scheduled for shows in the next day or so and I got an email canceling the shows and saying that there are no new shows scheduled for the rest of the year?????? Also there is a show tonight at @am eastern time that is called Judith Ripkna Clearance and almost all of her things on QVC.Com are "featured prices". I have a horrible sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach about this. Judy is a fabulous designer and she brings such value and talent to QVC.

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Re: Is Judith Ripka leaving QVC??????

 She has a premier show on HSN right now !  10/10/18.  She just said she would be on QVC next month.  I guess since QVC & HSN  merged they are spreading some of their good selling vendors and products on both networks.

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Re: Is Judith Ripka leaving QVC??????

@IRISH1  You've bumped a 6 year old thread.  Bumping up old threads is against forum regulations.  Just a friendly alert.