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Re: Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry ...will it sell?

Late to this thread, but I thought I did not like Elizabeth's jewelry at all. I don't know if it will be a big seller at the Q to be honest.

"This ET presentation was boring & so over priced - way over priced. The jewelry is gawdy & completely unwearable for the average woman. The only things shown that could work was the bangle wire bracelets & hoop earrings"

I totally agree with this!

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Re: Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry ...will it sell?

Let's just say I didn't see more than a piece or two that even caught my interest that was also priced for what it was... I also think if this line is going to take off, they need a more entertaining vendor... And yes, the show was boring.

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Re: Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry ...will it sell?

The jewelry was of its time. Blingy, cheap metals don't interest me in the slightest. And I am not some rich chick with the budget for a 7 ct. diamond either. I would prefer real jewelry and am not attracted to fantasy life jewelry.

The large door knocker earrings in real 18k gold would be OK. However, base metal jewelry is not something I couldn't get in my local Macys. I don't need to purchase this stuff.

The Elizabeth Taylor line of jewelry when she was alive (House of Taylor) that she collaborated with Kathy Ireland had some pretty designs but this stuff I found very unappealing and cheap looking.

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Re: Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry ...will it sell?

The $140 ring was offered by Christie's Auction House when they auction off Elizabeth Taylor jewelry collection. At that time the exact replica ring with papers detailing the history of the stone and then details of the cutting of the stone, as it is today, was priced at $60 and I ordered one along with the listing catalogs available showing the complete collection. I bought two of her pieces and they are lovely but well worn. I get a kick out of wearing this ring, it looks like a huge ice cube. When people grab my hand and ask "what is that?" I tell them the story of Liz and Richard and can you imagine a real diamond this size? (Interesting, my post was rejected because I used the common name for Richard, can't use D**k).

I lived in Philadelphia and went to the auctions for Jackie Kennedy Onassis and the Duchess of Windsor. They lasted several days and friends and I went several times and bid on items that I was able to purchase. I also bought the coffee table books for these auctions. These bound boxed coffee table books are beautifully done and so interesting to peruse. After the auctions are completed, if you purchase the coffee table books that have photos and listings of all items up for auction, the auction houses follow up and send you a list of all the inventory and what it actually sold for. By the way, Jackie was very hard on her jewelry and many pieces were broken and never sent for repair.

Maybe some of you remember when Kenneth J. Lane did the Duchess of Windsor collection, at QVC, when her jewelry was auctioned by Sotheby's. He did a beautiful presentation with red boxes and the royal initials on the boxes and cards inside with historical information.( He has a very dry sense of humor and commented someday the boxes would be worth more than the jewelry) I bought many of these pieces and pictures of the originals in the directories show KJL collection is a beautiful match to the originals. Many of the originals were made by KJL and not precious. I love the history behind jewelry; the women that wore such magnificent jewels and their lovers.

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Re: Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry ...will it sell?

At those prices I can only buy Elizabeth at a time.