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The first thing I see this morning when I tuned in to QVC was J406862. I had already missed the presentation but it caught my eye and, after about an hour of mulling it over, I caved. It's a design that I really like even though it's been years since I've bought and even "needed" anything with Diamonique. I got the Celestial choice and can't wait to get it and start wearing. It's even got a paper clip chain, which has never really appealed to me. 

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@Desertdi really like what I'm seeing very stylish 

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I looked at these too, that moon caught my eye. All three choices are really nice I think.

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New Diamonique Chain Earrings


J-409515 Diamonique Pavé Ring

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I don't like them in the gold layer.  I associate real diamonds with white metal like platinum.  Silver is still a cheap metal (to me anyway)  so I prefer diamonique in rhodium covering the silver.  That is all of my diamonique.  I've never had one with 18K over the silver.  I've seen diamonque in solid 14K.  But I can't bring myself to buy it.   In other words, if it's fake, it has to be 100% fake. All of my real diamonds are in white 18K or platinum. White stones on white background.  Diamonds or diamonique loose their punch on yellow metal. Even with the prongs in a different color.  I have a ruby/diamond in 18K yellow gold.  The Ruby is a warm gem, so 18K yellow looks good together. So some gems look better in yellow gold than in white.  But not a lot.  Jewelry with any kind diamond look has to be icy.  Not warm