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@SaveTheTurtles wrote:

@Mz iMac @SharkE   I know this has nothing to do with the topic here but I was wondering how you guys get your animated things the way you do. I think they look cool. Unless it's a secret of course....

@SaveTheTurtles  I get my animated gifs from Google Images and various websites.  The ones I like I add to my animated gifs folder so I don't have to continue to search for them.

The ones I use often I've added them to my 3rd party "clip board" for easy access.

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forget whoopsie group

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Q2 today.

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ha ha @SharkE so true! 

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I have a question- how do I put fun emojis on posts? I see members using them on here and I know how to use the small selection of ones that QVC provides for these forums, but how do I put the more expressive ones that look more like the emojis found in smart phones? I'm not the best with technology! Smiley Very Happy