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Bronze-plated sterling earrings, over $400?



Am I missing something? Sterling earrings aren't expensive. Bronze plating isn't expensive. The stones are less than a carat of amethyst (not expensive) and 1/7 ct diamonds. Affinity pieces with minimal diamonds don't cost this much. $420????

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Re: Bronze-plated sterling earrings, over $400?

The price of jewelry lately is through the roof!! Seriously! I haven't bought much jewelry in the last say 10 years except for a small piece here and there and now I am looking around for a ring and cannot believe the prices! Does anyone remember when amethyst, topaz, peridot and citrine were semi precious stones and pretty inexpensive? Add gold to that and forget about it today. I also dislike the tendency of using bronze, gold over resin and even gold over silver, I will not purchase it. Also white zircon in place of diamonds. Good jewelry costs a fortune now and even some fake stuff too!
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Re: Bronze-plated sterling earrings, over $400?

Why in the world would anyone plate sterling with bronze? Doesn't make sense to plate a precious metal with junk.
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