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Hello my QVC Diva's I have a question? I was on the website last night too see if Tova had any gemstone jewelry that might come up today on gem day I noticed that the inventory for her pieces and beauty items has shruken considerably.So my question as of today 7/6/2018 has anyone heard if Tova will still be at The Q????It would be so disheartnening if it turns out she has left....I so enjoyed her style,class,presentation,and elegance...So please TOVA STILL BE AT THE Q.....



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Totally agree .....

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Re: Beautiful Tova

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I do also hope she comes back! Smiley Sad

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Have you ever thought that Tova may want to retire from selling on QVC.  She is up there in age and may just not want or need to do this type of selling anymore. It is not always QVC's decision why lines go away.

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I don't have inside knowledge of QVC but I'm aware of when she is coming up. Tova was on QVC on June 17th and June 28th with TOVA for Diamonique (simulated gemstone jewelry that would not be presented on Gem Day). She announced that she is redesigning the bottle and packaging of TOVA Signature to be debuting soon. This is also written on her Facebook page.


Tova will make two appearances in early August: Beauty by Tova will air live on QVC2 with Amy Stran on Tuesday, August 8, 2018 at 7pm ET and live on Beauty iQ with Courtney Cason on August 8, 2018 at 8pm ET.


If you are looking for more TOVA for Diamonique jewelry, I would suggest marking your calendar for QVC's 17th Creede Silver Strike, Tuesday, October 2, 2018.

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Thank you so much ladies for your responses...for the lady who wrote about her possible retirement I have absolutely NO PROBLEM with that!!!!! I just wanted to know where this beautiful ladies was.....Thank You DenimandCo lady for your insight I will mark these dates on my calendar you are a rockstar....SMILE



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Yes, I hope Tova will continue here.  She just adds a nice touch to the Q.  Just a simple grace about her....maybe not simple,,,,just a sort of grace and sparkle. I love listening to her...a voice that doesnt pierce your ears...thats a nice