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Re: Another Pandora question..

On 1/29/2014 DannysWife said:

I had to "charm" in.. LOL..

I had posted several months ago if "Pandora's were still popular" and one poster said if you like something don't worry about others and that poster was SO RIGHT!!!

As a Christmas present to myself I bought one and LOVE IT, even bought an additional 2 charms, joined the Pandora website club, circled the charms I like in the little catalog and left hints to family for the upcoming birthday, Mothers Day or any day!

I have the old fashion charm bracelet I got for my 18th birthday that I love so much, but always afraid of losing the charms so it is safely put away.. This bracelet I feel more secure with the charms and I love the idea of making new memories..

Thank you for posting the website showing upcoming promotions..

Everyone Enjoy!

Dannywife-welcome to the world of believe me -this can become truly addictive but its so nice to look at my wrist and recall when and where I got certain charms.. also, its so nice receiving charms from family members as gifts..enjoy your bracelet!