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I was so pleased to see Allison (I think that is her name) who does fashion modeling in the adaptive line (by wheelchair) featured on a few jewelry presentations.


She is such a pretty young woman with a come hither smile and pretty hands for modeling jewelry.


I am glad to see that QVC has taken this step to utilize all their models in different capacities.  BRAVO QVC!

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@mildoo.  Her name is Alex, and I've also seen her do cosmetics shows.  She has a cute way of flirting with the camera.

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@mildoo   @Kachina624 


I agree 😃🌸

She is a beautiful girl and seems made for being on television.  She's a wonderful addition to the Q family.💝🌸

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So important to remember everyone, pleased that QVC is including all.


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Re: Adaptive Model

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Yes, I happened to catch Alex on a diamonique show modeling earrings while channel surfing, she is an attractive lady.