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Is anyone ready for the upcoming shows tomorrow? I wish the shows were at better times. I prefer the evening shows. A few of the new items are now online. Not sure if there is more new to come or not.

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I like this piece-

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The timing stunk... I'd begun to enjoy these shows but the last several, as with all QVC's jewelry shows lately, featured way too much of the Q's current flavor or the year: Sleeping Beauty turquoise... Oh, and incidentally, in case you didn't know, THE MINE IS CLOSED...

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this piece is good one.

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Lolakimono , I love the red stones & there don't seem to be enough in the line .... and red & silver is just gorgeous . Beautiful cuff !! ......... Stevieb , funny comment ! The mine is really closed ? Lol. Agree , they say it so often . Wish I had a dime for every time I've heard that . Ha. ............btw, OP , in the last show I just fell in love with J-318849 , cuff in sterling & brass on leather cord , in choice of denim lapis ( love ! ) or regular darker lapis . Its on my wish list ! .......Also , just a comment , that it seems a breath of fresh air has revitalized the line in the past few months .......I was a long time fan , but it seemed the designs had hit a " wall " for awhile . I'm very pleased to see the new ideas in design appear lately .