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Re: speedqueen washers

I've had one for a year now and it has been great, pooky.  Quick and efficient at washing just like old school washers were.  My clothes are done in a half hour and clean too.  They really are well built to last.  I highly recommend.  The only washer i can recommend at this point.   Personally, I won't touch a front loader if you paid me.  Get the top loader with agitator.

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Re: speedqueen washers

Love my speed queen washer, owned many brands over the years, last one was a front loader, died in 4 years, bought a speed queen it is great.

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Re: speedqueen washers

I bought a Speed Queenn washer and dryer when I moved to NC from NJ.  Left behind a Bosch front loader and dryer (thank goodness) Very happy with the Speed Queen set, large tub, agitater.  When my mom would take the large comforters to the laundromat in NJ all they had was Speed Queen.  I felt since it was good enough for a commercial laundromat it would be good for a private home.  Went thru Maytag and Bosch units, now I will stay with the Speed Queens.  Willl buy another set when I come back.  Jersey girl thru and thru

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Re: speedqueen washers

@pooky1 wrote:

. i never really hurd of speedqueen before i was on here. i actually was just on speedqueen on utube and actually watched a full 38 minute vidio of a load being done from start to finish. they maybe alittle more expensive but look like they do a super good job getting clothes clean. and there machines come with a 5 year warrenty. no one gives it for that long.

About a year ago; after much research, I bought a Speed Queen washing machine & couldn't be happier.. I read many negative reviews about the front loaders.. It's worth the money..

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Re: speedqueen washers

i have read that alot of stores wont sell speedqueen because they last so long. there all only worried about them selves and not people buying there stuff. you go in stores that sell appliances you dont usually see speed queen. matag was suposed to be the best. i had a maytag washer brake and go for 300 buck under 2 years old. and a maytag dishwasher that has over a thousand dollars in repairs.granted i had a contract so i didnt have to pay fot them.

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Re: speedqueen washers

I just bought a new Speed Queen washer and dryer. Mine are manual rather than digital. My sister has been through 3 washers in the last 10 years because the computer boards in the digital machines gave out and I didn't want to have anything to do with that. I was originally looking at a GE set that was a little less expensive, but the sales rep told me that the Speed Queen machines were built to last 25 years. I've only done a few loads, but I've been very happy with the results. A full load of towels dried in 30 minutes. 

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Re: speedqueen washers

About time SQ start sending us commission checks for promoting SQ washers and dryers.

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Re: speedqueen washers

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     I don't know anybody who has a Speed Queen Washer that doesn't just love it.  Speed Queen makes the commercial washers that are used in laundramats (so you know they are heavy duty). 

     Also, I never heard of anyone having to repair one.  They last years and years.

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Re: speedqueen washers

Well, now Speed Queen has to start to adhere to the same requirements all the other brands do. They just put in 4 new front loader, hi efficiency , low water use S Q washers in our laundry room here at camp and , to be honest , they stink. They only wash for 5 min - the clothes don't get clean. All our clothes are dingy looking. A huge YUCK. I don't find them to be any better than any other washer now that they are no longer bypassing the water saver regulations - and I certainly wouldn't pay the small fortune SQ asks for them anymore.

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Re: speedqueen washers

I bought a Speed Queen pair over one year ago and love them. Speed Queen will now have to adhere to govt regulations as of 2017, but they are allowed to sell machines through 2017 which are "non-compliant."


I'm keeping my pair for the rest of my life!