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You probably get a good workout from those steps.  They're not for everyone though; i.e., little ones & elderly.

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@IamMrsG wrote:

I know it's "right foot, left foot," but can you imagine carrying laundry or groceries or a baby on these?  YIKES! 



My thoughts exactly!

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NOPE ..... I would definitely fall going up or down those stairs .... they are an accident waiting to happen 👎

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They look like something I've seen more than once on "Househunters International".  Stairs to fit in smaller spaces.


You'd definitely need all those rails and poles to hold onto.  I wouldn't even rent a place with stairs like that.

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That would drive me crazy!


But anyhow, it would of looked nice just having straight across normal open steps - 

like the openness and the metal poles and rail.


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Well, I can't even look at them.  They make me dizzy.  LOL

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Oh boy I would fall down them for sure. And going up I’d trip. Too scary for me. 

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I have to really concentrate going up/down on a normal staircase so these are a definite NO for me.

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I can just see myself missing a step and ending up with a broken ankle.

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