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Sorry, these stairs are too confusing for me. 


A definite no for me when I am tired and not focusing.

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No shuffling up these stairs Woman LOL

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Let's see, a couple of glasses of wine and those stairs, what could possibly go wrong?

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@lolakimono  I am having difficulty just looking at them.  I would probably end up at the bottom of the stairs if I tried climbing them.

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I know it's "right foot, left foot," but can you imagine carrying laundry or groceries or a baby on these?  YIKES! 

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How did they get past the Zoning Code Officer ?


Selling this house in the future will be extremely difficult.


How do you teach a child to navigate the stairs ?

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I hope they have 911 on speed absolute accident waiting to happen.

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Re: "Stairmaster" Steps

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NO, NO, NO, do not see how this kind of stairway would even be approved for construction code specifications!  Looks unsafe and/or dangerous!

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