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@lolakimono a heartbeat those shelves would be filled with books.  I do love how the boxes reflect the colors in the sofa....but I would never use them as a wall decor.

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I like the boxes, but there definitely needs to be other things mixed in with them.

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Yes I like this look. A nice collection but also contained to a space to be seen as a whole.

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Yes, but it’s sort of a waste of space. One could have great books there instead.👧

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Very nice! Considering they obviously have lots of boxes to display, so I understand their utilizing all availble shelves. As others have said, it would please my eyes even more if they could have mixed it up a bit with books, maybe a few small framed photos, antique clock, rose bud vase, etc. 


I'd love to have all those shelves to work with! 😍



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I think it's a clever idea, but, I think there's too many boxes. Needs a better blend of items.

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Love it....simple, interesting & shows the collection off. You can clearly see what attracted the collector to each box... it's form, color & hardware. I admire their taste.

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I think it would be a big pain to dust................

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Yes, the boxes are displayed well on the shelves.    No, I do not like the room.   

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Point well made about mixing some other things in on the shelves. 


But I have an issue with books displayed promently. If they have beautiful old covers, and many volumes that match, I like them in a prominent place. 


Today's books, with colorful and bright covers, or pictures on the covers and spines, I just don't like the look of the mix matched mess it looks like to me. 


This is beautiful



THis is not