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I'm sold, bought them from the Oreck store and used the light green and dark green for the windows and bought the glass and polishing cloth for the bathroom mirrors and all the other mirrors.


All I can say is "WoW" they work and work well.  The window one's you dampen the light green cloth, clean the window and use the dark green for drying.


Who would of thought no sprays, chemicals could make the windows sparkle, they do.


They have the Good Housekeeping Institute seal of approval so I thought I would give them a try and very happy I didn.


Not sure anyone else uses or found these but I'm sold forever.


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Microfiber clothes are awesome. They definitely work well for cleaning with just water. I bought a giant set of different sizes and colors and found I was using them more for my face than anything else because they're great for removing balm cleansers. I bought a second set and designated certain colors for my face and certain colors for cleaning the house. 

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I have to wonder what our great grandmothers would say about all the money these days being spent on 'rags'! LOL


I have purchased some microfiber cloths, love the Supercloth that Q used to sell, and the newer white ones they have now by (maybe) biocleaner. They do the best job on windows, but really, I have asked myself repeatedly, just how foolish we would look to people a couple of generations ago who got by just fine with worn out clothing and linens for their cleaning cloths!

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DH cleans the windows around here. I think he uses vinegar/water & a chamois. He still goes outside even though we have tilt in windows. 

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I'm still using my "supercloths" QVC had on years ago, and they are fabulous. Mine are starting to get very old now. I know they have them on Amazon so I'm going to get some new ones.

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I am also using the supercloth.  Found them at  They have different sizes and also some for floors.


Don't know why QVC isn't carrying them anymore.