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I have one in the living room but not the family room.

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Today's coffee tables rarely serve the purpose for which they were intended , to hold and serve food and drinks.  Nowdays they're used more to display decor like flowers, books or knick knacks. I've noticed many people incorrectly place them squarely in the middle of the room where they're in the way of traffic and couldn't possibly hold someone's beverage as it's out of reach. Imo, this placement looks riduculous.  They really aren't necessary if you have a small room, and the room looks larger without one.

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yes LogoIn both my family room and living room.

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@bargainsgirl   My coffee table is my large square ottoman on wheels. It's very old, matches an ivory leather stuffed easy chair that had a sofa as well. It was a great suite but I've since gotten rid of the sofa. Ottoman on wheels is great, it moves if I need it to, has large service space (24"-26"sq), I can put a few things on it including my feet when they need a rest!

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Nice round coffee table.  I like it mostly for display purposes. Cat Happy

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If you dont have a coffee table in front of your couch what do you put your feet up on?

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Yes!  A rectangular one in front of the sofa in the living room....has "coffee table" books on it so we look smart. We repurposed a long, wooden  bench with metal legs as a table in the family room, perfect height for putting up your feet.

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Yes...I do use mine for coffee...and can't imagine a living area without one.  I think the room looks like it's missing something without one.  Similar to not having end tables for lamps.  


All three of mine were chosen as decorative pieces of furniture to hold a special collectible, but also and importantly to put coffee, drinks, and snacks on top.  

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We currently have an oval wood table that we bought over 40 years ago, but our dog has chewed the spreaders underneath and it's looking very ragged! We're going to replace it with an antique oak flat file on wheels from my architect DH's office, as soon as the guy whose fixing it up is done with it.


I can't imagine not having a coffee table...I sit on the sofa and fold laundry onto the coffee table, occasionally put drinks on it. I can't keep anything "permanent" on it as, which I've mentioned many times, I have a cat who is a master declutterer!