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csm_110117_S_54429_EH_12DrawerRollingCart_detail_46a7120b8c.jpegThey have a 12 drawer craft cart for $29.99. GREAT DEAL! White or multi color.

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Thank you! I will have to check that out. 👍🏼

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I bought the same style cart, it was only one row of 10 drawers. I bought it at Sams. I use it all the time and it helps to organize "stuff". I use it all the time. I think you will be pleased if you buy it. And $29.99 can't bet the price.

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Re: aldi deal alert

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As well this week they have those great leggings that I like with label sierra for $10.00 in black, dark denim & a nice shade of grey. They call these leggings but they're really more a jegging. A size M for me fits better in the waist but the legs are tighter, I will get size L instead and if I need to take in the waist I do. Launder nicely, no shrinkage (I hang to dry). These are more a denim like fabric too.

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@quick cooking mom Thanks for the heads up, I had purchased one of these at Sam's Club years ago, used it for many many years, sturdy and I loved the wheels.  At the time I sold Partylite, and I kept all the forms that were need for the orders, kept everything organized, I might go back and get another one as I have no idea what happened to the one we had?

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Thank you for this idea.  Right now I'm using a couple dresser drawers in the guest bedroom for craft supplies.  Would be nice to get them out of there.

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I've seen those carts for $30 - but they're not that size.  I'm going to check that out. 



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@quick cooking mom- thanks for posting this.  I don't stop in Aldi's too often, but I stopped in and I was able to pick one of these up.  The shelf was empty but they were just bring some out when I was there!

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i love shopping at aldis you never know what you will find  and the price is always right

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I see my fave autumn printed paper towels will be out this week! Time to plan a visit to Aldi's!