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Wow-I fixed the timer on my Bethlehem Lights garland.....

I had ordered two of the battery operated Christmas light garlands for decorating last December. I had them up for approx 3 weeks and stored them away after removing the batteries. This year, one of the garlands would not work properly on the timer mode-it would just stay on and not shut off. QVC would not refund my money, so I finally phoned BL because I was so mad. After explaining the situation, the customer service rep told me to do the following:

1. Remove the batteries from the compartment

2. Wipe the entire battery compartment down with a clean cloth or tissue making sure you wipe the contacts really well

3. Move the control/settings dial all the way back and forth until it stops-do this 3 to 4 times

4. Wait 3 hours and install the batteries again

I was pretty skeptical and thought-no way is this going to work. I did this procedure yesterday anyway and put my garland back up last night when it got dark and set the timers. I am shocked that this actually worked and the garland shut off after 6 hours! If your BL items no longer work on the timers-try this and see if it will reset the timers like mine did.