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@lolakimono NO! I hate the color orange. Don't like any other parts of this room.

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I think it's cute. The artwork is fine for a child's room. I'm ok with the orange wall if it's only on this wall. I would want a more comfortable chair for my child. 

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The art work is colorful and fits a younger person's room.  However, I do not care for the orange wall color or the desk and chair.  I would prefer a nice wooden desk and a comfortable chair.  

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My daughter had a desk almost identical to this as a child but it was sort of a tomato reddish/orange and she had a trundle bed to match and a chest.  It was all part of a package from a high-end furniture store that I got on sale because there were some scratches on the chest and we put it against the wall where the scratches did not show.  She had lime/lemon and orange striped sheets and pillow cases and a lime colored corded bedspread.  Anyone else remember those corded bedspreads.  Her walls were papered in a paper that was plaid with those colors of the sheet set.

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What a vibrant warm, and bright work space. Children don't sit in one place long enough for the chair to matter. I love this space art work and all!

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Yes, my inner child would embrace this.  It is fun with pictures that have to do with music, books, hearts, and color.  The color orange is bright and cheerful.   I'm all in on this one!