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Winter projects ?

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I always have ideas of projects to get into around the house. As soon as I get all the Christmas stuff put away for the year I need to get into my purse area of my closet and tidy it up. I went through last year and donated a bunch so this will be just trying to figure out a way to make it more organized.I think I'll put a bunch of hooks to hang them on - now they are in bins & that isn't working well. 

I also have fabric etc for 3 sewing projects. I love to sew and my sewing club is starting up the first week of Jan.These are all quilting projects ( a tablerunner - a tote bag and a set of potholders, towel & tablecloth for the kitchen.) So once I get those cut I can piece them and baste them at sewing club then sew at home.I learned to sew before you had machines that sew over pins and I still prefer to baste rather than just pin.

Anyone else have a winter project or two or three?

I also still haven't painted my vanity - I bought the paint 3 years ago - still not opened. A must do project !!I HATE the finish on it now - gotta get DH in gear to get it out to the garage for me.

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@151949 Let me count the ways ! LOL I just started a raggedy ann doll for my granddaughter who turns two in February. Priority one will be to finish her doll. I began purging closets and drawers prior to Christmas, but have decided to finally donate all of my work clothes. I retired nine years ago and saved a bunch for "just in case". I haven't touched them,so out they go. I will be painting and getting our rental ready for sale, starting March 1. The painting alone will take me a couple of weeks, I imagine. My dh reminded me that I haven't gotten my paperwhite out for months. So, I hope to charge that up and read a book or two. Merry Christmas, @151949

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We are doing a lot of house projects that weren't able to be done while my husband was working.  He would spend 20-30 hours a week commuting and sitting in traffic so come the weekend he was just wiped out.


I have enough needlework projects and fabric stashed to keep my hands busy embroidering and quilting until next winter! 

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Here's my Christmas Break To-Do List:


  • Purge and reorganize pantry
  • Purge and reorganize clothes closet
  • Purge and reorganize downstairs closet


In the meantime, instead of tackling any of those, I started a jigsaw puzzle and another crochet project.  I also have things to do for school, but I'm hoping that even with the procrastinating, I'll get it all done.

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@twopeas  Thank you. Merry Christmas to you too.

My brother, SIL and a couple of their sons are here but they all went to the beach after we opened presents and tidied up the mess, so it is temporarily  quiet here. DH is watching football. 

The Steelers will be playing today over dinner time so we will have that on TV while we eat - though I make them mute it so we can talk. I predict the men will all sit facing the TV and the ladies on the other side of the table.sigh. What can you do ? Steeler fans all have a bad case of superbowl fever this year.

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In all honesty this is one I am not looking forward to, my Dad passed away earlier this wee, nothing had been touched since Moms passing in October 2015.

My Winter project will be clearout a 2 bedroom apt with 70+ years of stuff and memories 

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I am determined to clean out my hall closet.  It used to be so organized, and now things are just stuffed in there.  I've said I was going to do that for a while now, so I hope to be able to make myself do it in the next few weeks.


For now I'm sitting here in my new Christmas pajamas that I got this morning and getting ready to watch a Hallmark movie.  Merry Christmas everyone!

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My to do project is mostly social.  I have friends and family I need to catch up with and just do a better job in general staying in touch!


House-wise, I need to do a little interior painting.  We’re moving in a little over a year so I’ll be working on getting the house in order. 



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@I am still oxox  Well, as you have most likely figured out that is one very difficult and heart wrenching task.

My parents died from a car accident and I was lucky that a close friend of my DH who was getting a divorce bought ALL their belongings , lock stock & barrel, to set up his new home. So all I had to do was clear out personal stuff and take what I wanted to keep. My brothers all took only very small stuff because they live far away and didn't want to pay to ship anything.

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays all.

As in past years, again my plans are to work on downsizing all our possessions.  As DH and I are getting older it is becoming a very big priority.  I hate parting with so many lovely items, but I can't  keep putting this off.  My biggest issue is ensuring items get disposed of responsibly and go to good homes.