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Our grand daughter is 7 and will celebrate her first communion in a month. I like to give her Willow Trees for special moments and wonder if you know of one that will work for this. I gave her the Angel of Prayer when she was baptized. Every year on her birthday, I give her the ornament with the year on it. Suggestions???


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I really like Willow Tree also. My only suggestion is to visit their website and look under gifts>spiritual milestones and see if any of those look like what you are looking for...

Good luck...they make such nice gifts, imo....

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I also like Willow Tree. I have several of the Angels and a couple of the figurines. I have also given them for gifts. I usually give one of the figurines with a book when one of my teaching colleagues retires and I think they are excellent religious gifts also. I agree you should look on their website. I really like this one for a girl's 1st Commnion:

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How about one of these?



True Keepsake Box

One of their Keepsake boxes

Beautiful Wishes

"Beautiful Wishes"

I love Willow Tree! It's so nice that you have started a collection for her. That's so thoughtful! My local Hallmark store has a huge selection on display. It's nice to see them in person, too.

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Thank you for the wonderful suggestions and so nice to see I am in good company with fellow posters that have the same love for Willow Tree. They are a huge part of my home, also, and have such meaning for me. They each tell a story.

I went to the site and saw one called Wisdom and wondered about that one, like she was maybe reading scripture, too. Angel Love.....have to look at that one, too. Blessings....that says it all, too.