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Yes, scale.  The furniture is too dainty and there doesn't seem to be enough of it.  It looks cold - devoid of character maybe?

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I think it needs some more color & more furniture placed better 😀

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What is wrong with the room? It is ugly. Simple.

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Scale - reminds me of open houses that are staged with furniture.   

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Everything is too straight in alignment, not inviting.  Need more color, richer and darker, maybe some accessories.  And rug needs to be bigger for the space. Otherwise, I like it.

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Almost like it was planned to puzzle.  Huge table, ottoman bigger then the loveseat, petite china cabinet dwarfed by the the art....

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It's definitely missing something. I'd get rid of that strange bench, and replace it with a couple of club chairs, maybe in that salmon color in the wall print, as well as a larger sofa. The area rug almost looks too small for the room....

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Gee, I like it!


Windows could have the feature that you press a button, and the windows are, for privacy, magically non- see- through from the outside.  


I've seen them in person, in bathrooms which face a garden.  

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The room is missing plants (large and small). It looks cold to me.Smiley Happy

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Everything is all monotone!  And the furniture is too petite -- like dollhouse furniture!  This is not a room to be LIVED in.  And -- the curio cabinet does not look like it belongs with the rest of the furnishings and is just stuck in the corner.  Love the windows!  That's it though.... 

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