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I have 2 of these wreaths, I ordered them last year, one on my mantel and other on the back of my front door entry way, I love them!  If you have any cover area for your door, I am sure the wreath would be fine, any wreath is going to fade with sun, I have a porch, but there are times when the wind blows when it rains, and I have never had problems.  Now I have had birds making nest in the back of my wreaths, LOL!   Life is not perfect!

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@lovesrecess  All my wreaths are Valerie's, except for Chrismas. I have an eve over my door but no other protection. It is subject to the elements somewhat. They can withstand the ocassional rains and mists. That being said, they cannot withstand the BIRDS!! 

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@lovesrecess   I understand your frustration, but if it is a wreath that you really love, I would hang it on a mirror.  I have a round mirror over my buffet and always have a wreath hung on the glass and just love how it looks.  


I just use the adhesive hooks and adjust the hook if needed to get it perfectly centered. 


With it indoors in the dining room, I can really enjoy how beautiful my wreaths are and only hang the older ones outside since either the birds peck at the eggs, or they eventually are damaged by the wind, sun, or heat. 


You could also set it on a table with luminara candles in the center or a large glass hurricane in the center of the wreath with lighted candles. 

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@lovesrecess   I would just put it on your front door.  I had an indoor only wreath on my back door for years with no cover and it is fine.  I have one my my side door, it gets a lot of sun and it did fade someone.  I have several that I switch out on my front door, but I do have a porch, but in heavy rain, the rain blows i and it gets wet, but it is OK.


I would put it up and if you are going to get a heavy rain, just bring it in for a short time.


I think that any wreath containing flowers is not truly an outdoor wreath, but they work - so go ahead and use yours.

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I really think that anything will be said to make a sale.  Sad but true.  I hope you find a place for the wreath.

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I use a wreath on my dining room table or a coffee table with a flameless candle in the center.  Easy decor.