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Ah, this lady above has all her pretty gilt-framed art working for her in her pleasant alcove.  But she herself is part of a painting--  "An Evening at Home",  by Edward John Poynter, done in 1888.  So he's responsible for her nice little gallery wall.


I always notice when someone has art that complements their rooms in some way, no matter if the style is traditional or ultra modern, or a mix.  It's ideal if you start off with your art, and then can build a room around that, but most of us don't have the luxury of that-- we get things in piecemeal fashion, art here, furniture there, and make it work together... 


Love the way the vaguely exotic landscape here ties in with the "global" spirit of this room...





This cool, black-and-white art photo of a planet, is a little unexpected in a wood-walled den.  Fun.



Screenshot 2022-09-20 at 19-53-28 Provencal.png


Here below, an English design team's deliberate mixing of periods, right down to the art.  She puts the ornately framed, more traditional portrait, right above the little cubist still life.  Her eclecticism continues, with the spool chair being paired with a modern mirror side table.  And her combo of primary colors-- yellow, blue, red-- adds to the vibrancy.



Screen Shot 2022-09-20 at 7.04.22 PM.png


Do you put art in your shelves?  I like the way Studio McGee mixes little oil paintings and prints with books and other artifacts.  Little treasures to discover...




I usually prefer big, oversize paintings, but curated 'art walls' are a good way of massing together your smaller finds.  Young Canadian designer Joel Bray did one on a concrete wall in a loft-like apartment.  Side note-- see the gilt framed print , top second from right, of a young lady clutching a small testament-- I have that too!  Called "The Soul's Awakening"  A very old one, crumbling a bit, that I found in an antique store:




(Another digression--  I like the Canadian touch of the Hudson's Bay blanket thrown over the couch...)


Here, the thing I like is that the abstract art is such a contrast to what looks like a burl wood wall.   Like the way they play off each other.


Screen Shot 2022-09-20 at 8.25.17 PM.png


This Channel Island house by Giannetti Home makes such good use of the unframed, soothing sea scapes to reinforce the soft coastal feeling of the room!


Screen Shot 2022-09-20 at 6.45.45 PM.png


A cluster of antique prints enriches and brings warmth to a modern apartment space.


Screen Shot 2022-09-20 at 6.43.18 PM.png


Steven Gambrel has an ingenious way with art.  Below, his unusual placement of the mantel paintings just reinforces the originality of the room-- the room has depth, and even a little mystery...





Here's a casual, rustic dining area, with a beautiful, dreamy landscape above the mantel.  Love the casual touch of the wood cutting boards and mortar and pestle, mixing with that painting!  After all, it is an eating space.



Screen Shot 2022-09-20 at 6.51.36 PM.png


I've asked this before, in different ways, but:


Do you have a favorite piece of art in your house, that you appreciate more than any other?   Please describe.  Have you ever pulled the colors from a piece of art, and then used them in decorating a room?

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The coastal art looked nice to me. Simplistic.

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For me? No to all. None are something I would hang.

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I especially love the first painting, the detail, the lighting, colors, the relaxing feeling of the woman reading on her lounge chair, all stunning.  The photos of different rooms with art work are so pretty and I believe art work does enhance a toom. I am no a modern art fan but I did like much of what was shown in the pictures.


I have mentioned before I love Pre-Raphaelite art, especially Rossetti and Waterhouse.  Many years ago I order several prints from museums, including the Tate and framed them.  They covered my walls.  Eventually I had the walls painted again and I didn't hang many of the prints back up.  However, I still have the prints and wouldn't part with them.


My mother had a few antique paintings given to her by a close friend which now hang on my living room wall. I also have a painting I bought at the Village art show I used to go to every year.  It is a painting of a country stream and foliage.  I gave it to my best friend because she lived in a log cabin and the painting fit perfectly.  When she passed, her daughter gave me the painting, now hanging in my dining room.  I cherish it because it reminds me of our friendship.


Sorry to be long winded but as you can see, I do love art and whether paintings hang on walls or lean on mantels or against walls, I love what art work adds to a room.

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@Oznell , thanks for posting.  I believe art adds a great deal of warmth and personality to a room.  I have many pieces from local artists reflecting our maritime landscape in all seasons.  It is interesting to see each different display.  Thanks for posting.  LM

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Thanks, @Oznell , for your contributions of interior your art print of "The Soul's Awakening. I've always thought that any design style, if done with an artistic eye is most always pleasing, even if not one's preference. I know this may be somewhat pedestrian, but I have (and love) art prints of Monet and Van Gogh.

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Ditto, @AuntG --  there's something about the simplicity of those canvases, hung together in that breezy coastal setting, that just sings to me.


But the question was, what is your own favorite piece of art, @Sooner ?   I know you have some cherished pieces.


Long-winded, never, @spiderw !   Anyone responding with such rich detail and thought so enhances the discussion.  Love pre-Raphaelite also.  You're lucky to have pieces too, that also have such important family and sentimental meaning.


It's my pleasure, @Lilysmom1 .   You've obtained locally painted seascapes of your beautiful Nova Scotia coast for your home-- how appropriate and fabulous!


Thanks, @RNbynite .  I completely agree, that even if the "style" isn't what ours would be, if you see some arrangement that works well-- within its given style-- it's cohesive and pleasing within its scheme.  Your choices are not what I would call pedestrian, by the way--  they're time-tested and beautiful!





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Those seascapes were my favorite but I would want only one larger print.  I'm too OCD for a grouping of artwork hung w/out any sort of order.  Groupings just appear chaotic and look like clutter to me.  


I liked the artwork of the planet but normally am not a fan of black and white photography or artwork.  Those Steven Gambrell (I probably got his name wrong) prints were interesting and I would like them if they were hung differently.

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@Oznell wrote:

Ditto, @AuntG --  there's something about the simplicity of those canvases, hung together in that breezy coastal setting, that just sings to me.


But the question was, what is your own favorite piece of art, @Sooner ?   I know you have some cherished pieces.


@Oznell None.  Really.  I have things my mother painted, things a well known Oriental artist friend painted, Native American art from known artists--and it is all in a closet taking up space.


I hate curtains, my husband and a decorator we bought furniture from when we moved, hung some on living room windows--I gritted my teeth! 


We have hung one Japanese signed modern lithograph in the dining room (we use that room a lot), one modern horse signed print with a figure and the figure's shadow riding by the front door, and a small painting of a lion over a thermostat in the hall. And I love my bare walls.


Oh wait!  There is a beautiful painting of a golf course hole, a signed print of three Heisman trophy winners, a painting of of a horse my mom did that is by far her best work (and she hated horses!) in the office.  I forget about those!


Odd that you ask because five days ago I promised my husband we would hang a couple more!  Woman Frustrated











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The colors of art in my home didn't inspire the decor as most of the art came later, as so often happens.  I was lucky enough a few years ago to find an original oil by an artist whose works I admire,  I have some serigraph prints of his work that hang in my house, but the original has pride of place in my bedroom.