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I like the second kitchen, just as it is. Always liked white appliances.

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I like both of these kitchens, but I would like them more with a pop of color. My least favorite thing in the first photo is the chandelier. I probably wouldn't choose the floor in the second photo, but it's ok. I like white or black appliances so those choices are fine with me. 

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Not a fan of the checkerboard floor in the second kitchen and think the first kitchen would look better with white appliances.
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The first kitchen is my choice but I agree about the lighting fixture, not being my style but an easy problem to fix.


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Both kitchens look "cold" and "unfinished" they need some spurts of color.....perhaps either red or yellow...



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Perfect if you like the strong contrast. I still like wood tones in the kitchen. Never cared for white cabinetry.

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I do like the countertops in pic 2.  Don't like the checkerboard floor though.

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