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Pic 1 - I like the mixture of cabinet colors & the table set.  I don't like anything herringbone or the ugly light fixture over the table.


Pic 2 - I much prefer the style of cabinetry and also the fact they go up to the ceiling instead of leaving the empty space above them as in Pic 1.  


That said, neither pic would work for me without adding some color to them.  Thank you for sharing.

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I like the kitchen in the second picture better than the first.  I like the countertops and the cabinets but that floor would have to go.  It would make me light-headed just looking at it everyday.  


I do think both rooms would look so much better with some color in them.  I'm a fan of red or yellow in kitchens so I would add either of those colors to brighten up the rooms. 

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Re: Tuxedo Kitchen

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Photo One:   Take away that awful chandelier and black appliances and it would be very nice.  Replace with stainless steel appliances.


Photo Two:   I had that same floor in my kitchen over 40 years ago.  I like this kitchen but I would like it better with white and light taupe tiles (it's a softer look).  I also would change the fabric on the cushion seat.    The flowers in the vase look like they were placed there for a photo.  They need to be pushed back.

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Nope, not my “cup of tea”.... 🙃

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I know it is the black/white concept, but I don't care for the first pic because of the lack of color.   I do like the second pic except for the floor.....I would get dizzy.



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Not my style. 

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I like the first one (sans that particular light fixture over the table); the second one; not so much.

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I love the concept but neither one is doing anything for me.  The first one has a lot of potential but the second one is a total gut job.  I do like the black and white flooring but would tire of it in a short amount of time.  The daughter of a friend of mind had that flooring in her kitchen but then accented with red.

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I like both kitchens, however in the 2nd kitchen that floor would definitely have to go, makes me dizzy..

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I like both kitchens. The floor in the 2nd pic is something that I see  like in pictures but in reality I would not choose it for my home...too busy.

I do like the retro feel of the 2nd pic..the floor is perfect if that's the look you're going for.