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Love the color. Reminds me of Morocco. 

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Now, this I like!

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I like this but the mirror and light above it do not match the room. I would change them and be very happy.

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I sort of like the patterned tiles or would used sparingly. Even though I like turquoise, I don't like the solid tiles nor the overall room. The niche's are neat, though.

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I agree... pretty color but the mirror looks like a surf board.  I would have to change that.    

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Very pretty colors.

Don't like the vanity, nor the turquoise tile on the floor.  It's too much.  Break it up with a neutral color.  Also, too many nieches (sp?) on the tub wall - I don't like the top one & I would instead make 1 longer horizontal one. 

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I like all of it. Very calming.

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i can't imagine using that sink and mirror for getting ready.  there isn't even room to rest a makeup bag or a brush and comb!  and what do you suppose is the purpose of the standing magnifying mirror? how is it to be used? maybe you are supposed to sit on that wood slab?  seriously! 

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Very pretty for about a week or two on vacation in a nice hotel, but to live with