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You're on a roll again, beginning with a great one!

I love the room, colors, all of it - very cheery & bright. 

Not so much the swing.  Prefer it be outside.

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I really like this kitchen.  I would change out the tile, but it's a really nice space.


The swing - that's clever.  LOL  I see the top of a teepee too.  Must be a very interesting house.

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Where’s the pool and hot tub?  Very strange. Loved that kitchen though. 

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Yes to the kitchen, NO to the swing.

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Ok, never like a stovetop to be on an island.  Too many beams in ceiling.  Floor is too had to stand on.  Color is good,  Swing?? Outside would be better...  Stools look too hard to sit on.  Little cusion for me on each.  Must be a large family with all the stools and two table & chairs seating area.   Thanks for posting.  IMO!

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Uh, no. Nix to the awful yellow stools, nix to all the open shelving, nix to the indoor swing and nix to all that white... Not much there to warm up this huge area, though it is a well equipped kitchen.

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Oh, I loved swings as a child. I still do, but not in a kitchen.


I would love to have the space but not the contents. The white cabinets, floor, & ceiling beams are ok, but I dislike open shelves, the yellow stools, and the table and chairs in the foreground. The island looks cold and sterile. The space needs some warmth IMO. 

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I don't care for the swing or the entire kitchen.  I'm soooo over an all white kitchen.  I don't like open shelving and I hate the backsplash and the island chairs.  

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