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Re: Storage space in the home

While we have a lot of cabinets and drawers, as well as a built-in hutch, in the kitchen the bottom cabinets are not easily accessible unless squatting down. I put baskets in those cabinets, thinking I could just pull the basket out, but that wasn't the godsend I though it would be.


Frankly, I'm thinking of turning the wet-bar into a walk-in pantry! It's just off the kitchen on the other side of the hallway. Only problem is that there are pass-through windows on two sides of it -- I'd have to close those up and create solid walls. We have wood paneling so it might be aesthetically tricky.


Oh well, I can dream. For now I just try to keep supplies tidy and accessible with a few key small appliances.


The rest of the house has good storage, except for the third bedroom which has a small odd-shaped closet.

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Re: Storage space in the home

I want to have good storage space, but I don’t want that storage space crammed to overflowing with stuff just because we have the space to cram it in. 


I mostly live by “if we use it and/or I like it, keep it”. If we’re not using something or it doesn’t appeal to us anymore, out it goes. 


Now I will say that my husband doesn’t exactly buy into that across the board so I do my best. 


But I’m organized extremely and our closets and pantry are all in great shape. 


The storage showpiece of our house is our master bedroom closet. It’s mammoth. 

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Re: Storage space in the home

@castlenv wrote:

Not having adequate storage would be a deal breaker for me.  Our condo has 2 walk in closets, one in the master that is very large.  Plus a hallway linen closet and a large closet in the second bedroom.  Storage in the bathrooms is limited but not a major problem.  Many cabinets in the kitchen including 3 "lazy susans" in the corners (I know about those corner kitchen cabinets that are completely useless) I have no intention of accumulating so much that I run out of space!!



My parents took out the standard lazy Susan in their kitchen. They put in three corner pull out drawers. She says she will put her dish towels and stuff in them. They are deep and she is excited to organize them.

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Re: Storage space in the home

We have a 6x6 walk in pantry, a walk in closet in the master, and the two full baths have a linen closet. Plus there is a closet by the laundty room for vacuum. We have s coat closet for guests as you come in the foyer. The basement will also beable to store a lot.  


My sister was laughing at my parents when she was helping to design the house. She goes you will never fill all those kitchen cabinets. But I bet she does once she starts unpacking.

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Re: Storage space in the home

I have enough storage in my house, garage and shed.  We built our house and I took advantage of every spot there was.  In one bedroom the closet is beside the stairs.  The carpenters were closing up the deep space that was wasted space under the ceiling in that stairway.


I made them the area open for storage.  I was surprised that they finished it off with drywall and made it nice.  It’s about 5 feet back and 3 feet wide.  The ceiling is slanted in there tho, because of the stairs.  It now part of  a bedroom closet. 


I have two RV’s and they have enough storage too.  I am also a master at organizing and getting lots of things in small spaces.

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Re: Storage space in the home

We live in a small town home. The entire footprint is 20X26, with three bedrooms and a full bath upstairs, living room, kitchen  and half bath on the main floor, and an unfinished cellar. Each bedroom has a "hanger's width", bi-fold door closet, the largest of which is in the master and is about six feet long. The bathroom has a small linen closet and a two door, three drawer vanity.


The kitchen is a good size - 12X20 - but EVERYTHING, and I do mean everything, is in one corner. Dishwasher, range, sink and all cabinets. There are three upper deck three lower cabinets, one upper and one lower being the corner type that has all that useless, unreachable, dark space. There is also the standard double under sink cabinet and a very small double cabinet over the range hood that the vent runs through. Very little storage for the size of the kitchen. We have added a double door jelly cabinet and a free standing double door cabinet to increase storage. The half bath has a small vanity.


We put four large metal shelves in the cellar. One is used mostly as a pantry, my son uses one for his hobby collectibles, and the others are used for storing various other things. We also have a portable closet for my husband's hunting clothes, and have devised other unique ways to neatly store our things. 


We have found the secret, at least for us, to storage when there is seemingly no room is:



continual purging of outdated/broken/unwanted items



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Re: Storage space in the home

I love my little Santa Fe style home. However, the builder who we bought it from, included two little closets and that was it ! No linen, coat, or pantry. Thank heaven he did build a second garage, which I am now having turned into a bonus room connected to the house 😄. And it will have a large closet in it. 😄

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Re: Storage space in the home

If I had "less" my closets & storage areas would be Perfect! 😉


Actually, there is adequate storage in my house.  One of the things I disliked when I saw this house - washer & dryer is in garage.  (Takes up a lot of space in garage).  Now I'm glad it's in there! 


The "laundry" room the previous owner turned into a walk-in pantry/utility room - it's perfect! I have everything organized in there & all my rarely used servingware, small appliances/KA large mixer stored on shelving.  My vast selection of Lock n Locks are in drawers in there.  Outside this room, I have a traditional double door pantry.  My project for next year is to have cabinets, both upper & lower installed w/countertop. I already sketched out my layout to include at a tall slide out drawer style.


My master has 2 walk-in closets.   My linens are stored in one area of it because we don't have a linen closet. 


When I re-modeled my galley style kitchen I reconfigured the cabinets and put in "pot" drawers vs cabinets with gliders. I have more than enough storage for my everyday use.  


The guest bath has small linen closet (perfect for towels, extra tp, etc).  And the guest bedroom has a traditional double closet.  (right now I don't have clothes in it but lots of my holiday decor). The previous owner took 1/2 of it and put in shelving for storage.  


I do have a nice size coat closet in my front foyer.  


I just bought a large buffet server for my DR I can now store my serving pieces & other things.  My hutch has very limited storage.  I'm looking forward to putting my still "boxed" things in there!


This villa is open concept "walls" are limited -- I always wanted a nice Bakers rack (like TSV the other day) but no place for it or to hang pictures! 


The garage has a full  attic for storage but now we are only storing holiday decor & a few things we don't need to get to (mostly hubby stuff!)


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Re: Storage space in the home

I thought I had enough storage space but it's never enough.  I am struggling with where to keep my vacuums and carpet steamers.  

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Re: Storage space in the home

I really like my home, there are a lot of cupboards and storage areas. But the lower kitchen cabinets are very deep and wide. The top shelf in each cabinet was limited to half size to accomatate taller items. Just this week, I had drawers installed in all the lower cabinets. They roll out easily and help keep things oraganized. They were made out of plywood for me by a friend, so less costly than other shelving. My pantry is too small so we added a free standing pantry/ storage closet in the laundry room.