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Re: Spring cleaning anyone? Share your plans/progress

Since I have NO  storage in this 31 year old house---grrrrr---I've been buying shelving that will fit behind my doors; like in my powder room, to store t/p and cleaning supplies and rags and such. I found some folding sq baskets that will fit in these very narrow shelves too, to hide that stuff, when the door is open. I have too much stuff! I swear---it reproduces!!!!

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Re: Spring cleaning anyone? Share your plans/progress

I fell off the spring clean/purge as I go wagon this week after I had to see two different doctors about my ruptured eardrum. But, I plan to get back on with it this week, starting this afternoon. I will be pulling the fridge away from the wall to get under and behind it cleaned again. Already cleaned inside and top, sides, etc. Then I will pull down all the objects on top of the cabinets which are about 14" from the ceiling. I have various large cake stands, trifle bowls and the like up there, so they need washed as well as the cabinet tops. May or may not get all that done today but will definitely get a good start on it.
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Re: Spring cleaning anyone? Share your plans/progress

@Mominohio I am going to start where I left off last year.  One more room on the first floor....the bathroom.  Then I'll move upstairs.  I clean and purge at the same time.  I hate cleaning, but my house looks so great clean!


Thanks for starting this thread as I need to hold myself accountable this year!....last year wore me out.

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Re: Spring cleaning anyone? Share your plans/progress


@Mom2Dogs wrote: use a sponge to clean you walls?  I am pretty good at keeping the house clean, but have never washed my walls...they are plaster.  I have used the vacuum on them.......




I think when people hear 'wash walls' they picture buckets of sudsy water and like washing a car. 


That would be a disaster!


I use a bucket of hot water with Murphy's Oil Soap, and either an old wash cloth or a microfiber cloth, wrung out super dry, then wipe the walls and baseboards, and window trim and doors with that. Rinse the rag out frequently and you'll be surprised how dirty the water is by the time you get done. I take down all pictures etc, and clean them good too, as well as move all furniture to wash behind it.


We don't have fingerprints and scuffs or the usual things people get on walls like when they have kids, but the dust and dirt from heating systems, having the widows open all summer etc. and just daily living is astonishing. 


In my last home, my walls were plaster, and they are drywall in our current home. I have had papered walls and painted walls, and all can be safely washed this way. 


It isn't a job I really enjoy doing, taking all this stuff down, washing walls, doors, baseboards, curtains, furniture (wood furniture loves a good cleaning with the Murphy's), all bed linens, then steam cleaning the upholstered pieces and carpets more toward summer, but I love the finished product. 


And I'm always shocked, as I clean thoroughly throughout the year, just how dirty the water is in that bucket, in many of my rooms. 


Life is dirty!! LOL

@Mominohio  my mom would get up on a ladder with her bucket of Spic and Span and rag and wash those walls every spring. I have never done that I am ashamed to say.