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The coat is a winter polyester (microfiber) coat and washing instructions say to launder with a mild detergent..  I got some blush on the collar and will try this method tomorrow, but I am wondering if anyone has other suggestions if this does not work well.


And what is considered a mild detergent?


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Re: Spot Clean Coat Collar

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I would rub on some Dawn dishwashing detergent, the wash. It is formulated to remove oily residue.  Blush would be mixed with oil from your skin.


Poly is a plastic fabric. Dawn is made to use with plastic dinnerware.


You might want to wear a scarf with the coat in the future to keep the collar clean.


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@maisiebrook ..........I use Dawn dish detergent on all spots on my clothes.  I wet the area, squeeze a small amount of Dawn on it and let it soak mostly for a day.  Every thing comes clean and no ruined fabrics.  I have stopped buying special laundry spot remover because Dawn works so well.

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Cool Wash (cold water wash)

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Have you tried these? Shout Wipes, Wipe and Go Instant Stain Remover, Laundry Stain  and Spot Remover for On-the-Go, 12 Wipes per Carton - Pack of 12 Cartons  (144 Total Wipes) : Health & Household

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@maisiebrook      Try to spot clean the collar first.  No need to wash the entire coat.


Use a damp sponge or microfiber cloth witth just a drop of dawn, shampoo or laundry detergent.  Rub until the blush comes out.  Repeat if necessary.


Use a damp clean cloth or sponge to "rinse".  I hope this works for you.

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For me, by the time something white has a spot, it is time to wash anyway.


I would just pretreat with your usual and wash with other whites.  Give it a good rinse too.