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Needing new king size sheets. Any recommendations? 

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Try the upcoming TSV.  H218718.

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Kirkland Brand Cotton satin sheets at Coscto .. Fabulous .....

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I'd recommend staying away from Northern Nights. 


The last few sets I bought, the elastic didn't last but a couple of years. Fabric was still like new, but useless when they won't stay on the bed.

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What are your likes and dislikes?  percale? flannel?

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@Jenpoodee  I recently purchased some beautiful sheets by Shabby Chic at Target 25% off.  I don't know if the sale is still on but they go on sale frequently.  All sizes available and well made.  250 thread Percale.

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What kind of sheets do you like and what price range?

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I like the Threshold brand at Target, they wash up nicely and have deep pockets for thicker mattresses.

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Very pleased with multiple purchases of Macy’s Hotel collection- usu the Dolby stripe or plain. Usually a daily deal or special.
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Macy's Hotel sheets are good, the best sheets I have found are at Tuesday Morning!  Sometimes they have fabulous imported sheets--some from Portugal are really wonderful!  Feel them before you buy!  


We had some Charisma sheets that were nice too.  Horchow has really good sales sometimes.