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Serta TSV Matress Delivery Not Too Happy

Ordered this mattress back on 10/5. Never heard from anyone when the delivery would be, was told I would get a phone call. Finally called and it won't be delivered until around 11/1. That's just crazy. Has anyone else ordered a mattress from the Q that took this long to be delivered?

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Re: Serta TSV Matress Delivery Not Too Happy

I ordered Serta Set 1/10/2016 and EDD was 2/5/2016.  I have not received any phone calls and I have called QVC who then had me call a delivery company.  I have called them 3 times and last call I was told all deliveries are cancelled and to call back Friday 2/12/2016. This has been service nightmare and failure. My mother is 80, she donated her existing matress set to grandchild and now has no bed. I relied on QVC to do as promised, even a few days late I could understand. But to be told deliveries cancelled and do not know why nor when to expect my order is unacceptable. Poor customer service and I will not forget this and I will tell all who will listen of my bad experience with QVC.

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Re: Serta TSV Matress Delivery Not Too Happy

I ordered a previous TSV Serta mattress last fall. It took a while to get it delivered, but it took much longer to get it picked up and much, much longer to get my payments credited to my account. Honestly, it was the worst mattress I've ever owned, and it was the only major disappointment I've had with QVC, and it was a major disappointment.  I'll continue to shop on QVC, but I'll never, ever order another mattress from them. 

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Re: Serta TSV Matress Delivery Not Too Happy

@MamaScott Sorry to hear that, if you e-mail us at we'll forward your e-mail to the team that works with Serta so that someone can get in touch with you. 



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Re: Serta TSV Matress Delivery Not Too Happy

I also ordered a Serta mattress set and could not get it delivered. After I contacted QVC the delivery people finally called and scheduled a date on the 10th of February between 10 and 2.....they scheduled for the only time I could NOT be there. Wouldn't you know it? I asked for an earlier time in the day and was told no. I asked for a later time in the day and I was told no. I asked for the day befor, the day after, a Saturday delivery, and was told no on every suggestion. They said they would call me when they were 30 minutes away. Well guess what? When I am at work I am an hour away from home.  Long story short, they deliver on their schedule and that is final. The on air presentation clearly stated that the delivery could be made at a convenient time for the customer. That is a complete lie.  I contacted QVC and told them my problem with the delivery and I was told "Sorry, but there is nothing we can do".  I canceled the entire order and it breaks my heart that the QVC that I trusted has lost my trust. Lesson learned.