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Seaglass Down Blanket

My bedroom colors are Lapis Blue and Cream. Last summer I gave away two Northern Nights Seaglass down blankets because I just couldn't stand the color anymore. I thought I would pick up a blue blanket from them this fall - how wrong I was! Everything they present is only available in Seaglass!


UGH ! ! !

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Re: Seaglass Down Blanket

@Schippyluv.  Are you speaking of the TSV blanket?  After two seaglass blankets I felt the same way about the color for my aqua bedroom.  So I ordered the TSV in the berry or whatever they called the color.  It's beautiful, a luminous plum color.  It would be gorgeous with aqua not so much. but I love the color.

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Re: Seaglass Down Blanket

How 'bout taupe or gray?  Amazing they no longer have the light blue - I have two of them.

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Re: Seaglass Down Blanket

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So sorry you have not been able to find a blue down comforter.

I really love Sea Glass color. I don't think I will ever grow tired of it.

Is there any other brand you could look at? Maybe you could find a deal on Black Friday.


I see a light blue at LL Bean but no coupon. May be able to get a deal Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Land's End has a navy plus 50% off that ends tomorrow.