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My main complaint is it's path is random. That means sometimes it hits the kitchen well and sometimes it just makes a pass.

@TRAVELER   I agree and because the path is random sometimes it will go over the same spot more thn once and leave other spots that need pickup.

It drove me nuts, how it was so hit and miss, leaving areas untouched while repeatedly covering others, getting stuck under things and I’d have to hunting for thanks, couldn’t wait to send it back.

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I have had a Roomba for 10 years and would not be without it. Now I have two more. I have two in my home - one on each floor - and one for my business office. They are great on all types of flooring meaning carpet, hardwood and rugs, tile, and vinyl. They are also great with pet hair. Replacement parts are available for the Roomba. I am not sure if that is true of the newer or less expensive brands.

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I have mostly hardwood floors upstairs (except for my guest room).  I use what used to be called a "Mint", which is a small robot cleaner for hardwood floors.  I could not live without it.  It does a great job, and I especially love that I know it's cleaning under my bed, which has been a tad difficult for me these days.  My friends use Roombas in their houses and seem quite pleased with them, though I think they use them most for maintenance vacuuming, not the deep cleaning that their cleaning lady does.

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I have wood floors throughout with throw rugs in my home. I finally tried a Roomba about 2 years ago. Got the top of the line. Wow, it was so horrible we returned it to B,B&B. I would have figured that its functions would have been perfected by now, its been around for so many years! I found myself picking up everything in its path everytime we ran it. It would get caught in my rugs and even ruined a rug of mine by tearing it up. It never found the "home", we had to pick it up to put in right in front for it to go in. I did like the cat hair and dust it removed but it was more difficult to use than using a vacuum cleaner. Back it went.

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I'd luv to have one but feel they are too xpensive.  Was hoping by now they would have come down a lot in price, but its just not the case.


I have a portable sweeper that I skim over the floors.  Picks up a lot of fluff.  I'd like a Roomba to see if my cat would ride around on top of it, but she's so big n chubby, maybe it wouldn't budge w/her seated on top.  If you decide to get one, let us know how you like it.

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I have a lower-end Roomba that I bought a few years ago here on the Q.  It was worth every penny.  Based on my recommendation, family members have also bought one, and agree about the value of it.  If needed, I'd replace it without hesitation.


In fact, because this vacuum is so helpful and reliable,  I'm doing my homework about the purchase of a robot lawn mower now.   

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i have one and hated it. it's path is indeed random and misses alot of floor space. it also has to be emptied freqently. too much money for an average result.

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I have 2, yes, I swear to you....2 of those things!  And they are sitting in the living room.


One is in the charger and the other is just sitting there.


I don't care what QVC says, they do not, do not deep clean.


I don't think they will ever take the place of a good Dyson or other kind of deep clean vacuum.


They will pick up everything on the top of the carpeting.  


Quick story.  So both of mine came from HSN over the years.  For a long time I couldn't find the first one.


I'd come home and the thing would be gone.  I'd search it out and put it back on the charger.


Then one day I happened to see Jack the cat jump off of the window seat in the living room and jump on Roomba.


The thing started up and started going around.  It scared him and he went running.


Mystery solved, Jack the cat decided he'd clean the carpet!


The second one was upgraded (not like this one but 'upgraded'.


So, there you have it.  I told you guys I'm a person who overdoes everything.


I have two Dyson stick vacuums and 2 regular Dysons, I have that vacuum QVC also sells (forget the name of it and too lazy to look).


I have all carpeting (except in bathrooms and kitchen) all over my house.


I've never expected the Roomba to clean like a regular vacuum.


Maybe my carpeting is too thick.  I wouldn't know, my late husband picked it out.  It seems like normal carpeting.


I definitely wouldn't buy it to replace my carpeting.  I'm good friends with @ECBG.  I send her pictures and she really knows me.


She can tell you whatever I say here is the truth.  I think it's not fair to tell people it will totally replace your big vacuum.


So that's my opinion.

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I am fanatical about my floors.  I have hardwood and the bathrooms are tiled.  I run mine every day.  And I clean it out after each use.  Not a lot of stuff, but it does pick up.  I like how it goes under furniture, my chairs, the tables, the beds and dressers.


I still vacuum, dry mop and steam mop the baths.  But I don't do that every day.  Roomba takes care of anything in between vacuuming or dust mopping.


I do *set up rooms* so she stays where I want her to run for a long while and then I let her into the next room.  The bedroom and master bath, I close the door so she does a good job in there. 


It's one of those inventions that makes my life easier.

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We had one several years ago.  I hated it.  If you have pets, there's the issue of their hair.  It's not as simple as cutting it off the roller the way it is for regular vacuums.  There was even an article explaining all the places to check for he pet hair to get it out.  


Besides that, the cats hated it and it wouldn't go under some of our furniture or that depression underneath cabinets for your toes or get stuck there.