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Repurposing Used Furniture

I've always enjoyed taking an old piece of furniture and making a new piece of it.  The trouble is, I don't have room for another stick of furniture in my house.  I saw these chairs today and if I could find some in this style, I'd ditch my traditional dining room chairs.  I thought these were super cute.  I'm seriously thinking of painting my traditional buffet turquoise.


Has anyone here refinished something interesting? 





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Re: Repurposing Used Furniture

They don't look very comfortable.  But.....I appreciate some padding in the seat and chair back. (probably because I don't have much 'natural' butt padding)  I've redone a few small pieces of furniture in the past - I'm over it now.

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Re: Repurposing Used Furniture

I've never done any refinishing myself.  I don't have any talent in that regard.  One of my favorite pieces of furniture that I have, though, is an old cedar chest of my grandmother's that I had painted.  I wasn't using it until I decided to have it painted.  Now I love it.  I'm going to try to attach a picture of it.


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Re: Repurposing Used Furniture

I really like the way the artist used the same colors but different patterns for each chair in the OP.  That turned out so nice.  


Several years ago I took a chest of drawers and painted Winnie the Pooh characters on it for the nursery.  We loved its whimsical new look.


I got a small cabinet with glass doors at an estate sale that I've stained but would love to do something else with it.  This thread has inspired me!  😊


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Re: Repurposing Used Furniture

I have a dry sink and a blanket chest that need to be refinished. I used to do that stuff when I was younger, but I'm really not interested in doing it now. New furniture is so expensive if you want anything that will last. I guess I better get busy.

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Re: Repurposing Used Furniture

I don't have a picture but I took a very ordinary bedside table with 2 drawers, painted it black and decoupaged a black & white wrapping paper on top.   The design was a white background with something like a fleur de lis pattern in black.   A big pattern.


Then went over it all with poly.   It's pretty but nothing special.   The original dark wood made it look dark & dated.   It wasn't an antique.   Just an old table.


I love to paint.   There are so many great paints out there, not just at a hardware store but also at craft stores.   It takes no talent whatsoever.


My house was built in the early 1970s.   I've painted the bathroom vanities, the kitchen cabinets.   Once I got over my initial fear, I paint everything!   For me, while I admire the chairs you posted, simple is better.    Just do it to get it done.


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Re: Repurposing Used Furniture

I have not refinished anything myself... but, those chairs are pretty cool looking... and, with a turquoise table that set all together would look awsome! 


Good luck on your adventure! Maybe just do a little research on prepping and painting first for some good pointers for a nice lasting finish that will hold up nicely over time.



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Re: Repurposing Used Furniture

I've really taken to furniture painting this past year.  I don't do any artwork on them, just paint, using different techniques.  I guess you'd say most of my pieces are more shabby chic.  Once I paint something, I always replace the hardware.  The hardware often ends up costing more than the painting supplies! Woman Frustrated  Here's a piece I recently did for my daughter (should have waited to take the picture until I had all the knobs attached...LOL)

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Re: Repurposing Used Furniture

A antique library table holds our large TV and a cedar lined trunk holds our quilts.

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Re: Repurposing Used Furniture

OH @Kachina624  those chairs are fabulous!!!!   My house is done in the 50's and I love them!!!!

Go for the color change for your table too!

Did you find those at a Thrift store?